It wasn’t a choice, but just a truth,
Though rude, but it just had to;

You can’t wave away happily,
Courage fails you;
Separated miles away, you just had to

Holding hands we agreed to walk on,
On roads parallel, which won’t meet;

We saw this coming,
But acted cunning;

We tricked, things will fall in place,
But what did fall, were emotions in pieces;

Things had to be over,
Yet we tried to sail together;
We faked strength, cohesiveness,
Even after knowing life’s ruthlessness

Not sure if you have ever fallen in love,
Not quite sure if I was in love,
I don’t even know if this is love,
Getting it over with, was surely in interest of love.




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Mom said, you are the strongest
I asked, is that what makes me the weakest
She said, you never listen to anyone
I asked, is that why I always care about everyone

She said you are the best
Well, is that why I get rejected?
She requested, be the nicest
And I get tagged as the worst

You know the pain of being someone
Who is wanted by everyone
But just can’t be with anyone.
Because prototypes are just made to be showed to everyone

You have been though a lot
You have made others suffer a lot
That makes you the worst of all
Because you end up worthless of all

Intangible Feelings

Give me a thousand words
I will wrap the world in it
Give me a fraction of an hour
I will sum up the life in it

Why is it then?
There is an urge to talk
Yet we cling on to something intangible
Which breaks the imaginary bond we share

We know both of us can’t be winners
You know I won’t let you be a loser
Yet you don’t accept my defeat
And encourage me to carry the fight with in

What is it that we fear?
Something that can never be achieved ever
We aim the same destination
Yet struggle deciding the path

Best of all is this tale
Unheard by none of us
The feelings I talk of
Do not even cease to exist
Yet something pinches me time and again
Which I can explain
If only time is forgiven.



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Sometimes you don’t need to liquor to get intoxicated
Words are enough
You don’t need sadness to cry
Realization is enough

When you get tired of expectations
Achievement is not enough
When you are used to hurdles
A plain simple road is not enough

You realize it’s never enough for peace
As you can’t full fill the dire needs
And as you contemplate more
Satisfactory is not enough

You set the bar so high
That you are never happy enough
You desire everything
Just that time is not enough

In the end you just realize
That enough is enough
If things don’t happen the way you want
You just scream away, it’s enough.



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As I glance into those crowed streets
Filled with happy faces
I look for a reflection of you
A you, reflected in the eyes of a true enthusiast

As I see them crossing hand in hand
I peek back
I look for a similarity
Which I wish to proclaim in the near vicinity

I live in a dream
A dream which vanishes as I sleep
I believe reality can only be achieved
When you and the world lies asleep

As I wake up to the dream
The fakeness in you dissolves my imagination
As I move back into the happy faces
Each day looking for a new reflections of yours

Have you ever walked up to a shop
Asking for a toffee of your choice
And never ever you get that
And walk back devastated

That joy with your choice
Can never be fulfilled by others opine
I never get jealous as I see those happy faces
As they can only be the reflection of my imagination, but not my emotion

Today as people ask me why I don’t give up
I tell you
I am never afraid of you turning me down
I am just concerned with me, not convincing you enough

Today as I walk back into the street
With the same imagination
I look for a new reflection
Which would seem to replace my realization
But nowhere do I see
Someone with unconditional love like me.